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A Guide to Selecting the Right Hidden Fasteners for Hardwood Lumber

Unlike in the past where nails and head screws were heavily used in fastening of wooden decks, today hidden fasteners are considered the best option when it comes to fastening a deck board. When wood is exposed to moisture and humidity, it tends to expand and contract, thereby resulting in the warping of the board which in turn loosens the screws and compromises the structural integrity of the deck. One thing that sets hidden fasteners apart from traditional screws is the ability to allow flexibility to move when the wood expands as this ensures that the board is pulled back into its correct position and secured to the deck, thereby preventing warping, twisting as well as uneven ends. Once you decide to go for hidden fasteners for hardwood lumber, you will be guaranteed a beautifully smooth finish, enhanced durability against the elements, high wooden flooring aesthetic, enhanced safety of your children and pets, to mention just a few. You are bound to encounter some challenges selecting suitable hidden fasteners for hardwood lumber due to a wide range of options to choose from. You may need to follow the below guide to make your search for the right hidden fasteners for hardwood lumber easier.

One crucial factor you should consider when buying hidden deck fasteners is the cost. Hidden deck fasteners are slightly costly when compared to other deck fastening options such as deck screws and this is mainly due to their durability, cleaner appearance, safety, and also ease of installation. You should also bear in mind that the size of your deck will also determine how much you will have to spend on hidden deck fasteners, hence the need to assess your deck and set a budget for the same. To find hidden deck fasteners that are affordable for you, you may need to get several quotes from different suppliers of the same and compare them. While it may e tempting to go for the cheapest option, you should bear in mind that it may be costly in the long run, hence the need to prioritize quality and safety over price when buying hidden deck fasteners to get your money’s worth.

The design of the hidden deck fasteners is another essential aspect you should look at before setting for one. You should keep in mind that the design of the hidden deck fasteners you opt for will greatly influence the installation process such that poorly designed fasteners may be more labor-intensive as compared to those that are properly designed. For a speedy installation process, you should consider using the hidden fasteners that are installed directly from above between the rows and boards as they allow for multiple rows to be worked on at the same time, thereby speeding up the installation process.

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